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Conserve & Protect


Ambassadors of Conservation is a 501C3 non-profit organization, trading as Ambassadors of Conservation, under The MozParks Initiative.  We are dedicated to the conservation and proliferation of wildlife as well as the habitats and natural resources they utilize. We are a hands-on, boots on the ground network, supporting communities and companies in their efforts to conserve wildlife, protect the areas and engage with local community upliftment.


Nature Conservation

Even with all of the steps that we have taken so far, the Rhino remains in extreme danger.

Rhinos Forever
Conservation through Science
Conservation through Science


Facilitating techniques to enhance the multiplication and preservation of wildlife in the future.

Anti-Poaching Efforts
Anti-Poaching Efforts


The Strategy adopted is that of ‘Early Detection – rapid

reaction “

Community Upliftment
Community Upliftment

As both human and wildlife populations increase the battle for space becomes more evident. 

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