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Rhinos Forever

Rhinos Forever


This is not a project about publicity or monetary gain, this project is simply an altruistic approach to saving one of the planet’s most iconic species.

Safety Deposit Box


Despite millions of dollars being spent to protect the White Rhino from poaching in South Africa, they are being poached at a rate of over 1500 per year and growing.  The demand for the horn as an Cultural Status Symbol in the Far East has driven the price of Rhino horn higher than gold, diamonds and most illegal drugs.  This strong demand and astronomical price have brought in the Criminal Cartels that are driving the poaching of the Rhino.  Since we cannot take the danger away from the Rhinos, let’s take some Rhino away from the danger.  We need a safety deposit box to keep some of the Rhino off the African continent and the best place is on large privately owned Texas and Florida ranches where the Rhino will live in almost identical habitat and weather conditions as in their South African homes without the poachers. 

Rhino Connect 


We strive to connect the public with people that work honestly and tirelessly against the war on our wildlife, assisting in the day to day care of orphans, or the patrolling of fences and assisting the rhino owners in their needs – taking ownership of our inheritance, by supporting projects that has rhino.

Within Rhino Connect we have successfully hosted the #Renostermaan or #RhinoMoon weekends once a month for the last 18 months, during the full moon period, traditionally referred to as “poacher’s moon”. This entaild boots on the ground experiences, allowing the public to become directly and proactively involved with fence patrols, rhino monitoring and educational programs, all whilst working side by side with wild rhino on private reserves.

Rhino 911 


Rhino 911 provide emergency helicopter rescue to Rhinos injured or orphaned due to poaching and other injuries. They have responded to over 140 calls for help since their inception.

It is their great honour, duty and privilege to be working with these amazing creatures, they use every available resource to ensure that they do not fade away into a memory, like so many other animals that have become extinct.  When you donate, you are not just saving the life of one animal, but also investing in a future for Rhinos, not only in South Africa, but in countries around the world..

Wild Hearts Rehab


Wild Hearts has a full reaction team for the rescue and re-introduction of wildlife which includes ample staff, veterinary services, tranquilliser specialists and a helicopter with a pilot. We are permitted to accept any orphan from a list of 32 indigenous species, including all of the Big Five.


We believe education is an integral component to the anti-poaching 
effort. We will maintain an Educational Facility for the local community, general public and youth to learn about the consequences of poaching, the benefits of wildlife rehabilitation and re-introduction and the need for a conservation / preservation

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