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Terms and Conditions:

Nominee has to be 18 or under to qualify for selection.

This form only serves as a nomination, this does not ensure the nominee to be selected.


There is no limit to number of nominations, but no need to resubmit nomination every month.  If your nominee does not get selected the month it is submitted it can be considered in future months up until 6 months after nomination as long as nominee is still active.


Ambassadors of Conservation, reserves the right to decline requested charity projects. 


Projects/organizations need to be aligned with Ambassadors of conservation morals and values.  This is determined by Ambassadors of Conservation.


There is no guaranteed value to the support Ambassadors of Conservation will provide the winner.  It is up to


Ambassadors of Conservation to determine the value and in what measures to support winners chosen cause.  


Once the winner has been chosen, Ambassadors of Conservation will reach out to the winner to make all arrangements.


A Winner will be selected by Ambassadors of Conservation every month, decision will be final.

Products/support provided by Ambassadors of Conservation will go directly to the winners cause or charity.

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