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Is your child an unseen hero?

It’s always beautiful to see children getting involved to

better their community. In our travels around the country and world so many times we encounter children involved in their community making a difference. We have seen children giving their time, their savings, gathering donations, and calling on neighbors to help others in need.

Ambassadors of Conservation is launching a new platform, called Youth Heroes on June 1st. #YouthHeroes is a platform created to honor and acknowledge children 18 and under who partake in charitable activities, no matter the scale. A new Youth Hero will be announced every month and honored on our webpage as well as our social media. Our #YouthHeroes will each receive a Youth Hero Goody bag and Ambassadors of Conservation will be teaming up with them to magnify their project or cause (terms and conditions apply).

A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and that is what this program is about. We want to encourage children to go out and make a difference. Not everyone can donate a farm or build a school, that’s not what matters to us. We are looking for children who see a need in the community and take it upon themselves to help. We want to acknowledge their efforts and reward them by supporting their cause or charity they are working so hard for.

“As a mother of 5 I live by not just being the change I want to see in the world but also to raise my children to be the change we need in this world. Children of today, are our leaders of tomorrow. Therefor we need to raise our children with the right skills, attitude and mindset. I know I am not the only mother out there who gets a tear in my eye every time I see my child do an act of kindness. I want to use this platform to acknowledge your children, help them magnify their efforts and encourage more children to follow.” - Stephanie Perry (Founder and Director of Ambassadors of Conservation)

We want to honor children who really try to make a difference, even if it’s just making a difference in one person’s life. IT COUNTS! It can be from packing an extra lunch box for a friend to bringing a neighborhood together to support a cause.

We are hoping by honoring and supporting these unseen heroes with our platform, that it will encourage more children to help one another. If you know someone 18 or younger who has taken it upon themselves to make a difference in someone’s life please nominate them. We want to acknowledge their efforts. Please do not be the reason they go unseen.

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