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Animal conservation is the act of protecting ecosystems and environments to protect the animals that live there. We are at a time when the garbage path in the Pacific Ocean is larger than the United States and when baby birds swallow more shards of plastic than nutritious food. Where humans go, destruction and degradation to nature follow.

The mission of Ambassadors of Conservation, under The MozParks Initiative, is the protection and flourishing of wildlife and their habitats and natural resources. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Why not consider starting your own like-minded organization? Animal conservation is to love and fight for wildlife and their habitats. Animal conservationists are people who are incredibly passionate and dedicated—people who have committed to spending their lives defending the natural world.

These folks don’t spend their time planning marches or demonstrations. Instead, they spend it surveying, educating and travelling, as well as dealing with muck, grime and exhaustion.

Full-time jobs in animal conservation are challenging and time-consuming. A significant part of these jobs include public relations, such as educating the public about what you’re accomplishing so they themselves can help in some way, fall in love with the mission or simply let them help spread the word.

The skills and experience you gain from being fighting against habitat destruction, poaching, hunting, deforestation and the effects of climate change are incredibly rewarding. Animal conservation is an international campaign that spans thousands of projects and people who work tirelessly to protect our planet.

The Ambassadors of Conservation’s MozParks Initiative is dedicated to the conservation and proliferation of wildlife, as well as the habitats and natural resources the wildlife utilize. If you would like to learn how to help the missions of Ambassadors of Conservation’s MozParks Initiative, please email us at We're also on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.

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