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Taking action and helping where we can.

We are in a historical time of crisis. One that forces all of us to retreat into our homes and force isolation. Making the necessary changes to our daily habits and causing us to overthink the simplest of task all to provide for our families, protect our loved ones, and do what is best for our community. We however are lucky enough to be able to gather all the supplies we need to fill our bellies and keep our living spaces sanitary maintaining a decent level of health and safety. What about those who are not able to do so? Those who rely on us humans to ensure this for them. The COVID-19 crisis has left many families in a position where they are unable to take care of their animals, flooding the already overcrowded shelters. This sudden influx of animals has resulted in an unprecedented demand for food, supplies, and room. Meanwhile, due to the Safe health regulations the shelters have been forced to reduce their hours, operate on a skeleton staff and close their volunteer programs. This has all resulted in a massive need for support, food, housing, and cleaning supplies. When this alarming problem was brought to the attention of Stephanie Perry (Co-founder and Director of Ambassadors of Conservation) she did not hesitate to take action. Within one week of the shutdowns the Ambassadors of Conservation where able to gather and donate over 2000lbs of cat and dog food, biscuits, treats, kennels, and cleaning supplies.

Our first stop was Hallie Hill, a privately funded animal shelter. They solely rely on public donations and volunteers to take care of their animals, which allows them the right to 100% refuse euthanizing animals. With COVID-19 the shelter has had to resort to only having essential staff working minimal hours, and close down their volunteer program. The massive intake of abandoned pets along with a ceasing of adoption resulted in a massive need for food and supplies. Hallie Hill stepped up during this time by opening up their doors to animals from other shelters to fight against having these animals euthanized due to overcapacity, something government funded shelters do not always have the ability to stop.

“Hallie Hill Animal Shelter is a safe haven for animals, the facility is clean and well looked after. The space to roam for the animals are the largest I have ever seen at a shelter, and seeing how the staff interacts with the animals, the love they have for animals warmed my heart. I am excited to be teaming up with Hallie Hill for future projects, and hope it would encourage others to help where they can even if it’s just with a $1. Every bit helps.” - Stephanie Perry

Dorchester Paw was another shelter we were able to help, opening their doors in 1972 this is one of the oldest shelters still operating in the state of South Carolina. COVID-19 hit this shelter extremely hard in terms of the number of animals they were forced to remove from the facility. They had to adjust their staff to only essential workers, but luckily are still abl

e to operate their volunteer program with the necessary precautions set in place, as required by the CDC. “The adoption rates are low during this time, we had to remove 125 animals from the facility and got 100 out to foster. Dorchester Paws currently have 30 animals on site but we are caring for about 300 animals right now.” – Maddie Moore

Dorchester Paw facilities are not able to accommodate all the animals they are currently carrying for but are lucky enough to have community members partake in their Foster to Adopt program.

Ambassadors of Conservation, is dedicated to the conservation and proliferation of wildlife as well as the habitats and natural resources they utilize. But we are not an organization that turns a blind eye to problems our urban community faces as well. We are dedicated to making a difference any way we can to animals both wild and domestic. If an animal is in need, we will do what we can to help.

If you wish to support our cause or any of the above-mentioned shelters, look us up or follow the below donation link. Every bit makes a difference.

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